City Council Meeting

July 16, 2020


Mayor's Message:

         The beautiful days of summer are finally here. While it is disappointing the impact that COVID19 continues to have on our community with the ongoing loss of jobs, instability regarding schools reopening at the end of Summer, and cancellation of some of our most treasured events such as Hodaka Days, Caledonian, Summer Library events, and the Pendleton Roundup, now more than ever it is important to reach out and make effort to stay connected to family and friends. More and more is beginning to come out about the negative effects of prolonged isolation – humans were just not created for that. While we may not attend a 4th of July parade, we can certainly gather with those we love and celebrate this country we are blessed to live in. Family picnics can go a long way to restoring the joys that have been lost. I recently heard a wise person say, “You tend to see what you are looking for.” So – make sure you are looking for what is good – and if you don’t see any good – ask what you can do to help create it.

Mayor Becky Schroeder


New Arch In Park

Blessing of the new beautiful archway to the rose garden in The Athena City Park. A formal dedication will be held during the 2021 Caledonian Games. A big thanks to Athena Caledonian and Freels Fabrication for making this happen, it looks great!

Credit Card Payments Photo

Now Accepting Credit Cards

Due to customer requests, the City of Athena is now accepting credit card payments. There will be a 2.65% percent fee on all utility payments and a 4% fee for all licensing, permits, and other miscellaneous payments.  This fee is paid by the customer.  Hopefully this service  makes your bill paying more convenient!



Monday June 15th

Monday-Saturday   Swim: 1:00 -5:00

Sunday - CLOSED 

Cost: 3 years and up $2.00

2 years and under, Free
Water Aerobics: Monday-Thursday

6:00 -7:00   $2.00

Pool Rentals Available- Saturdays 5:00-9:00, Sunday Anytime-9:00PM

(call City Hall for pricing/availability)

Sign up at City Hall for Season Tickets ($100.00)

Caledonian Days


Come join us the 2nd weekend in July for our annual celebration of our Scottish heritage!  To get involved or find out details please email Sue Friese at: or 541-566-3293