City Council Meeting
October 8, 2020
6:00 PM
@Athena City Hall- Miller Family Community Room

Mayor's Message:

From floods in February to fires in September. 2020 is living up to its reputation as homes and lives are being swallowed up in flames and brave firefighters battle winds and exhaustion to protect us all. While “back to school” is usually an exciting and joyous time, our current covid/government imposed “remote learning” reality has many families and educators at wits end. Maybe it’s my day-job as a teacher coming out in me, but I have decided that 2020 has a lot to teach me. While my first day back in the classroom this year may have been my most challenging ever, I can honestly say I learned enough to go back and make the second day better. I look around our little town of Athena. Athena enjoyed a good harvest this year, businesses are continuing to fight to survive, we now have high speed internet in our town, our roads and infrastructure are stronger than they were in 2019. Ok. We can do this. We may be learning perseverance in ways none of us would have chosen for ourselves, but persevere through 2020 we will. It’s our citizens that make Athena strong. We can disagree on political matters, but come together when life matters. In a time when isolation and distance are the buzz words, we have learned to watch out for our neighbors more than ever. 2020 – your finish line is in sight as Fall approaches. But I can guarantee Athena will persevere through. We will leave 2020 in the memory books for dinner table discussions, and our people will be stronger. We may not be able to control all of what happens today, but let’s all resolve to learn everything we can so the trials are not wasted! Notice the beauty of fall colors in our small town and the smiles of loved ones. It’s all still there. Athena – you got this. 

Mayor Becky Schroeder


New Arch In Park

Blessing of the new beautiful archway to the rose garden in The Athena City Park. A formal dedication will be held during the 2021 Caledonian Games. A big thanks to Athena Caledonian and Freels Fabrication for making this happen, it looks great!

Credit Card Payments Photo

Now Accepting Credit Cards

Due to customer requests, the City of Athena is now accepting credit card payments. There will be a 2.65% percent fee on all utility payments and a 4% fee for all licensing, permits, and other miscellaneous payments.  This fee is paid by the customer.  Hopefully this service  makes your bill paying more convenient!


We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Caledonian Days


Come join us the 2nd weekend in July for our annual celebration of our Scottish heritage!  To get involved or find out details please email Sue Friese at: or 541-566-3293