City Council Meeting
July 14, 2022
6:00 PM
@ Athena City Hall- Miller Family Community Room



First, the upsides… our town has been immensely blessed the last few years having Kristin Williams as our librarian. She has brought such great life and richness to Athena’s library. We wish her well in her new paths of life, and we are so very excited that the legacy she leaves is going to be carried on in the more than capable hands of Stephanie Partida. Stephanie comes to us with such great energy, creativity, and a true passion and love for the library, as Kristin also had. I encourage you to check out what is going on at the library and stop by to meet Stephanie at the library if you have not done so yet. I’m sure you will leave with a smile! Our town has also been immensely blessed to have Kim King in our public works department. The range of skills, professionalism as a public servant, and dedication Kim has had have been great assets to Athena. Kim will be retiring at the end of this year, and we are very excited to welcome Brian Pickard on board to be learning the ropes with Kim and Kenneth until that time. Brian comes to us highly recommended and brings a wealth of skills and experience for this position. So - a thousand welcomes, Stephanie and Brian!

Sorry to say, but we also have a downside this month. In recent months there have been some characters passing through our town who have not had the best interests of Athena or its citizens at heart. We know we do not live in a perfect world and there is simply no way to prevent all of this. I heard a great training from a law-enforcement officer once who stated that police, fire, and ambulance workers are not technically the “first responders” to any situation. It is the actual people who are there when the thing happens… Those who dial 911… Those are the actual “first responders”. This is why it is so important for all of us in our small community to keep our eyes and ears open. If you see something going on that does not seem right, say something! I think social media can be a good place to communicate and network in ways that can help keep our community safer, but it is only one tool. Please do report things to the sheriff's office so they can be even more informed and will have a record to use when they need it for documentation. Talk to your neighbors, but please make sure your conversations are not just hearsay or gossip as these can be more destructive than helpful. Also be aware that often times our law enforcement and code enforcement officers are doing much more behind the scenes than you are aware of to correct situations. You are always welcome to contact them and ask questions if you feel you need to.


Athena Caledonian Games

Volunteers are always needed to help with short-term projects for our Scottish festival on July 9, 2022.  Call 541-566-3880 to check in.  Caledonian Games has a Guardian program for donors who donate $50.   The Guardians are protecting our precious Scottish heritage in Athena.    Please mail donations to Athena Caledonian Games, PO Box 161, Athena, OR.   Athena Caledonian Games will feature Celtic band, "Endalos", with Scottish and Irish music in the park!


Code Enforecement Corner

Code Enforcement Corner:

June is here and very soon things like grass and weeds will begin to dry up.   In past newsletters, we have asked for people to step up and volunteer their time and talents to help someone in this community.  We now have a property that needs immediate attention, and are asking for someone with some time to spare and a lawnmower to help!    Please contact Gina at (541)278-6300 or and I will get you set up with the location.


If you currently have or are thinking about getting chickens or some other type of farm animal, you will need to contact City Hall and apply for a permit.  This city is considered a rural environment, but it still has different regulations than out in the county.   For more information on the fowl/livestock ordinance, please consult the city website: , or call City Hall at (541)566-3862



JUNE 23-26

library images

Athena Public Library

The library has a ton of fun stuff planned for this summer! Be sure to stop by and sign up for summer reading!

Wednesday, June 15th the library will have adjusted hours and be open 1:00pm-6:00pm
Library Board will be on Monday, June 20 at 6:00pm.

Book Club will be held on Monday, June 27th. Pick up a copy of our current read, “The Exiles” by Christina Baker Kline at the library.

  • Monday, June 6: Summer Reading sign-ups begin!
  • Wednesday, June 8: Traveling Lantern “Camp Ocean” 6:00pm, Athena City Park.
  • Wednesday, June 22: Forest Service “Leave No Trace” program 11:15, Athena Library
  • Thursday, June 23: Forest Service “Fire Prevention” program with Jimmy 10:30am, Athena Library
  • Tuesdays June, July, and August: Story time 10:30am, Athena Library
  • Wednesdays starting June 22: Arts & Crafts 5:00pm at the Athena Library.
  • Reading Road Trip—Stop by for more information and to get signed up.
  • We will have an adult summer reading bingo challenge so be sure to stop by and sign up! Follow us on Facebook for more details and to keep up to date on upcoming events.

Since 1993

Caledonian Days

Athena Caledonian Games, a Scottish heritage festival, is held every July. We are seeking parade participants, old cars for showing, athletes, clans, vendors, pipers and dancers.  Please volunteer to help us.  (Call 541-566-3880.) We need elbow grease and support.  Our $50 Guardian Donation Program seeks donors to guard and preserve Athena’s Scottish Tradition.  Donations may be sent to ACG, PO Box 161, Athena, OR 97813.