City Council Meeting
April 8, 2021
6:00 PM
@ Athena City Hall- Miller Family Community Room

Mayor's Message:

March-April 2021

“Ordinary” – defined as “something regular, customary, or usual”. So many people I know are so ready for some “ordinary” life. The long-term strain of this past year is definitely being felt far and wide in America. The term “extraordinary” would seem to be a better descriptor of these times in which we live. I have seen people in Athena demonstrate their “extra”ordinariness over and over in the last few weeks with all of the snow and winter weather. Neighbors checking on neighbors, plowing each other’s driveways, bringing in groceries, helping to support those who are struggling. The thing is, as I look back at these Mayor’s Messages over the past year, this kind of behavior is quite ordinary for those who live in our little town. This is not the first time in the past year we have had to come together as a community and help each other. The times we live in may be extraordinary, but for the people of Athena, rising to take care of each other and navigate these challenges is ordinary indeed. Our own librarian, Kristin Williams, was recently commended by Umatilla County Special Library District for her exemplary and amazing dedication to keeping our library going this past year despite the challenges. This year Athena’s Mainstreet Association is planning to resume some of their activities such as the Tuesday Markets, despite the ongoing Coronavirus challenges causing many to cancel such events for another year. It would seem what is “ordinary” for Athena is not so “regular, customary, or usual” in other places. Thanks to all who choose each day to make this community what it is – “extra” ordinary!


Mayor Becky Schroeder


Athena Mainstreet Association has named recipients of its 2021 Citizens and Business of the Year awards.  Click the link below!






Umatilla County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan Update

The City of Athena is collaborating with DLCD, Umatilla County, and several cities, jurisdictions, and special districts in Umatilla County to update the Umatilla County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan (NHMP) which is currently expired.  A Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan described the hazards a community is most likely to face, identifies their potential impacts on people and property, and establishes a strategy to reduce those impacts.  NHMP’s that are current/valid provide the jurisdictions with eligibility for pre and post disaster funding.  The NHMP is targeted for completion and adoption by mid-2021.

Yard Waste

City of Athena Yard Waste/Burn Pile OPEN


The City of Athena burn pile is currently open!
You must call Public Works before dropping off yard debris.
541 566-0228

Materials You CAN Drop-Off:

  • Brush and Woody Material

Things You CANNOT Drop-Off:

  • Do NOT bag your yard debris
  • No trash of any kind

Caledonian Days


Come join us the 2nd weekend in July for our annual celebration of our Scottish heritage!  To get involved or find out details please email Sue Friese at: or 541-566-3293