City Council Meeting
September 9, 2021
6:00 PM
@ Athena City Hall- Miller Family Community Room

A Message from our Mayor:

I recently heard an Olympic gold medalist say that he felt one of the most important factors contributing to his success was his coach’s constant reminders that “details make champions”. You don’t have to be going for an Olympic gold medal to realize the same truth. Just recently a colleague at work picked a few flowers from her garden and left them on my desk with a note wishing me a good day. That small act of kindness made a difference to me. One piece of garbage picked up while you are out on a walk is one less piece of trash littering our beautiful little town. Unlike bigger locales, individuals stand out in small towns like Athena. For this month, I would like to take a moment to give a big shout out to the “Garden Club” of Athena who so graciously plants the flowers in the planters all along Main Street. Every single day those splashes of color and life brighten all of our summer days. THANK YOU to the Ladies of the Garden Club. Thank you for your gift of time and care you give to Athena. You are true Hometown Heroes!
-Becky Schroeder


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swimmign pool images

Athena City Pool

Athena City Pool 2021

Thank you to Colleen Bagdon and the lifeguard crew for a great 2021 pool season!





We have been enjoying some cooler temperatures in recent days, and in the mornings, you can almost smell the Autumn days ahead!   So right now is the time to get to work and get those Code Violations cleaned up that we have been talking about for the last few months.  Admittedly July and the first few weeks of August were WAY too hot, day and night, and this made it difficult for people to get out and work in their yards.   So, the coming months of September and October will be ideal for addressing any lingering Code Violations on your property.

Code Enforcement does conduct weekly patrols of this city all year long, so we will be looking at things in December and January as well.  Believe us, it is much easier to take care of those Code Violations on your property in good weather!   You don’t want to be shoveling snow to get it cleaned up.    Extra Warnings and Citations may be issued in the coming weeks to urge property owners to get Code Violations brought into compliance before the freezing days of Winter set in.

We always welcome your calls, and look forward to working with you and helping you get your property into compliance.  We would much rather work WITH you and avoid having to issue a citation.   We encourage you to respond with any questions you may have if you receive a Warning at (541)278-6300

Yard Waste

City of Athena Yard Waste/Burn Pile OPEN


The City of Athena burn pile is currently open!
You must call Public Works before dropping off yard debris.
541 566-0228

Materials You CAN Drop-Off:

  • Brush and Woody Material

Things You CANNOT Drop-Off:

  • Do NOT bag your yard debris
  • No trash of any kind

Since 1993

Caledonian Days

Athena Caledonian Games, a Scottish heritage festival, is held every July. We are seeking parade participants, old cars for showing, athletes, clans, vendors, pipers and dancers.  Please volunteer to help us.  (Call 541-566-3880.) We need elbow grease and support.  Our $50 Guardian Donation Program seeks donors to guard and preserve Athena’s Scottish Tradition.  Donations may be sent to ACG, PO Box 161, Athena, OR 97813.